The Heart of Nature line of products, is a technologically advanced source of high content SO4 Sulfur, sulfates, sulfites and carbon that promote a natural process to enhance nutrient uptake, nutrient efficiency and improved plant tolerance to abiotic stress. As a result, this has shown to improve crop yield, quality and uniformity. Feel Free to contact us for field trial results. This mined Sulfur base is our flagship mineral precursor, which has already gotten marked global results for many applications including dairy manure composting (patented process), foliar nutrient (patent pending), and many more uses as a key ingredient in custom blends (more patents pending)!!!! Our line of products is now known as a “SK Microsource™”.

Check us out! See for yourself why we are now one of the fastest growing Natural Mineral companies that is going Global!

As part of our expansion we have taken over the operation of a state of the art Mill facility developing our new products and helping many companies to do:

  • Custom Blending- we can blend all natural minerals to suit your soil and other application needs.
  • Custom Milling- we can mill your minerals (or ours) into an ultrafine powder for foliar and other application.
  • Custom Prilling- we can form most any natural blend (we will only make Organic approved blends) into a “dust free” format which can be used in pneumatic and other spreaders for production broadcast, side-fill hoppers with seeders, commercial landscape and all turf application including golf course, sport fields and Municipal parks.

Please contact us at our following offices:

32710 7th. Standard Rd.
Bakersfield, CA 93314
Phone (661) 399 9755
Fax (661) 399 9758