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About Heart of Nature

Heart of Nature™ company was formed to provide a natural "ph reducing" sulfur product to farmers that would help their crops to "uptake" water and nutrients more efficiently.

Our product has also been found to strengthen cell walls, therefore resulting in higher yields and reduced insect infiltration, since the plant can "Fend Off" disease and bugs more easily with proper nutrition.

As an added bonus, Heart of Nature™ contains natural potassium in one of its purest forms, which will become evident in fruit quality and tissue tests. In addition to all essential nutrients, this product contains a rare "Thiobacillus" bacteria that stimulates acidification in the soil, which helps the plant more quickly absorb water and all nurtrients available.

More Recently, we've also discovered that the combination of our primary components (Natural Sulfur, Gypsum, Aluminum Potassium Sulfate) have been found to solve many odor, bacteria and algae problems faced in the dairy industry.
We're dedicated to bring this amazing product to the Farming, Dairy, Golf Course and Home Gardening markets.