“We at Wildwood Ranches have been using Heart of Nature’s S-K-Microsource for 7 years now, and apply the material to our table and wine grapes annually. Three years ago we did not include this material in our program for one season, and found that our yields and quality were definitely down. Needless to say, we resumed the application of Super Sulfur/Potash every year since. As grape growers, we know that berry quality is paramount to being successful at year’s end. Heart of Nature’s material is therefore a very important part of our program.

Steve Derrington, Wildwood Ranches, Wasco, California.

“The results of our in-house study saw a dramatic increase in crop yield. My staff and I are truly impressed with the accelerated growth rate. Within a few short weeks the section that had been amended with S-K-Microsource was more than double the size of the untreated section. After the supplementation of our greenhouse soil with your S-K-Microsource we will begin planting our rootstock immediately. We have also decided to implement new guidelines and timeframes as part of our total package tree price which is included in our feasibility studies, project plans and site reports. In keeping with our company’s commitment to the environment, your organic approved soil amendment is a perfect enhancement”

Dennis Beeson, President, Pacific Tree Company (est. 1983), Bakersfield, CA

“We have been using Heart of Nature’s S-K-Microsource soil amendment for eight years , and are very pleased with the results it has produced. On some citrus acreage we custom farm, the soils are tight and the water quality from deep wells is marginal due to salts. High pH levels are a problem. After we started using S-K-Microsource our water penetration improved greatly after a very short period of time. Subsequent soil and tissue analysis showed pH, Sodium Potassium and other Nutrient levels were all trending towards optimum levels. Now we are in a low rate maintenance program and find it to be an economical and effective way to keep our groves in balance and at proper nutritional levels”

Jay Zike, Blue Ridge Ag, Terra Bella, California

“Heart of Nature has been established as safe to use and has demonstrated exceptional plant response where used. The product will solubilize calcium, lower soil pH and provide soluble sulfur and potassium for plant growth.”

John C. Heter, geologist, Pacific Industrial Minerals, Valencia, CA

“The material is as exactly as described in the brochure and will do exactly as the article states. That is, it will acidify the field and provide a variety of needed nutrients to the soil. S-K-Microsource will supply acidification immediately and continually until the material is used up and/or neutralized”

W.L. Carr, Chemist, Agricultural Advisory Service, Bakersfield, CA

“After blending S-K-Microsource with raw manure during the first stage of our composting process, our initial tests are showing benefits both to the environment and the nutritional quality of our compost” Scott Deatherage, TM Composting, Bakersfield, CA This quote given after his test results showed dramatic odor and emissions reduction, pH reduction, Nitrogen capture and beneficial levels of Potassium and other nutrients in the compost.”

Scott Deatherage, TM Composting, Bakersfield, CA